February Post: Helen McAlinden X Finline X Foxford

On Thursday 31st January, I was delighted to attend my friend, Helen McAlinden’s celebratory lunch at her beautiful Blackrock seaside home to celebrate her collaboration with Finline Furniture and Foxford Woolen Mills. Karen Millen (pictured below) and I have been friends with Helen over the years and have worked together on creative projects before so we were keen to support her on her newest collaboration.

Karen Millen, Helen and I at her celebratory lunch.

Finline Furniture was established in 1979 and have since built a reputation for creating Ireland’s best sofas, corner sofas and chairs from their factory in Emo, Co. Laois. Every piece of fabric is handled with extreme care and as well as their online collection, they also offer bespoke services, which make the most of their state of the art sewing machines and highly skilled upholsterers.

To celebrate Finline’s 40th year in business, the collaboration exhibits a range of sofas, cushions and throws with the luxury and high quality textiles that Helen and Foxford are so well known for. Iconic reoccurring patterns include the classic herringbone and tweed. Finline explained: “We are on the cusp of a big return to natural fabrics and textures in furniture trends. Foxford are renowned globally for their beautiful wool textiles and they are great ambassadors for Irish heritage and sustainability, so we thought who better to join forces with?”

The collaboration showcases the perfect match between the best of Irish fabrication with the elite craftsmanship of Finline Furniture’s handmade Irish sofas and chairs. This attention to detail is no doubt reflected in their work as seen in some of the beautiful homeware in the pictures below. These stay true to Helen McAlinden and Foxford’s clean-cut, neutral and timeless style that’s upheld in all their designs.



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