September Post: Visiting Karen Millen

Recently, I visited my best friend Karen Millen for her birthday. I had an amazing time catching up, celebrating and of course talking fashion and lifestyle.




We spent one day strolling around Marylebone and I was really impressed. I didn’t want to do the usual areas when I normally visit London. I wanted to see something new and Marylebone delivered. There were lots of niche small designer shops; from selling flowers to ribbons. The atmosphere was perfect. I got the same buzz as I would going around Covent Garden but without the crowds. Going around we found product that we liked that were alternative to big brands. We also had a fantastic lunch at the 108 restaurant where I happened to spot that they were using Foxford throws. It’s great to see Irish product being used in cool areas in London.



We spent the next day at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Pantiles. After brunch we wandered about enjoying viewing shops and products. It is refreshing to find independent owned shops and boutiques with new items not designed by big names. The area’s interesting because it still keeps up to date with latest trends but I can definitely notice a different style than what’s shown in the big cities like London. The Pantiles is a beautiful and quaint area that is rich in history and it is clear to see the architecture being inspired from its early spa days. Window to window there is a very social environment with plenty of casual cafes and pubs. There are a lot of people out walking dogs, sitting in restaurants and everybody is very friendly. Overall, I had a wonderful time with Karen wandering the streets enjoying the relaxed environment as something a bit different from the big cities.