April post: My visit to Adare Manor

Owned by J.P. McManus, Adare manor is a luxury resort hotel based in County Limerick. The original house which has recently been refurbished dates back to 1720s so there’s a natural, rich heritage to the building.

It is magnificent; it has managed to uphold all the charm and class of the original building by keeping classic architectural structures while introducing a new level of sophistication and luxury.

What struck me was its obvious Irish influence and design. I was particularly impressed with the Adare Manor boutique, which showcases the finest Irish products. They are complemented by the elegant interior design of the boutique leaving the customer with a lasting impression.


The Adare manor boutique shop floor (Image from Adare manor boutique)


I was impressed by the variety the boutique had to offer, from jewellery to homeware.  Some of the Irish products that stood out to me were:



  • Louise Kennedy – renowned Irish designer who has designed women’s shirts in collaboration with exclusive British shirtmaker Turnbull and Asser
  • CarveOn (based in Kilcullen) – specialising in leather goods and founded by Gary and Alan McCormack
  • Dubarry of Ireland – I was particularly impressed by their outdoor boots
  • Jimmy Hourihan – specialising in luxe cashmere products


The boutique mix the best of Irish products with the best of international beauty products:

Furthermore, just outside the manor, the town of Adare boasts its own range of Irish fashion and design:


Some of the products available in the boutique


I would like to congratulate Adare manor CEO Colm Hannon and interior designer Kim Partridge on the wonderful renovation of Adare manor. It truly is a breathtaking place displaying modern Irish design while holding onto the rich history and heritage.