March Post: Inspired in Paris (Fashion Week)

I have just come back from the Paris fashion week and my eyes have been opened.

Unfortunately, I missed the start of the show due to the bizarre weather back home in Ireland. Luckily, I eventually made it over!

I immediately went to the show rooms to make up for lost time and was in my element.

There were a few nice collections, however, I felt most designers stayed in their comfort zones. There was nothing shocking or daring, I was looking for something more ….

One of the highlights were items from new designers.

Their quirkier, cutting edge items really resonated with me compared to the big runway shows. I really enjoyed seeing these emerging designers take on fashion, breaking the trends rather than sticking to the script.

This got me ‘thinking’ and I decided to wander around Paris. I began to open my eyes and appreciate the culture and design outside of fashion looking at the art and architecture.

I ended up at the Opera Gallery and was blown away.

One piece that I loved was the life-size sculptural installation by Valay Shende


(Installation by Valay Shende)

It was both emotive and inspiring.

Overall, I felt invigorated after this trip and came home like a man with a sack full of ideas