February post: The Bag to Bag for 2018

This item immediately caught my eye when I saw a picture on Beyonce’s instagram as part of her outfit for the 2018 Grammy Awards. It is a custom made jaguar wildcat clutch by Judith Leiber.

What I think makes this clutch special is not just it’s bold look, but it’s uniqueness, wearability and sleek design. A woman can look elegant and be comfortable no matter how she’s carrying it; whether it’s under her arm or in her hand.

It’s a versatile accessory and can be worn for any occasion or season: be it the Grammy’s (if you’re lucky enough!), to lunch or dinner, or a night out.


If you are buying one designer item this year, it should be this clutch.


When you have this as part of your outfit, the clothes become almost secondary. It is the bag that gets the attention and will be remembered. You can wear a lower price-point dress and still look high fashion.

There are only certain pieces a woman would have in her wardrobe for life and this is one of those. This bag can be passed on to daughters or even granddaughters and still look just as just as relevant.

The £5000 price tag may seem steep but I think it’s a bargain. I see lots of people buying and wearing the Louis Vuitton X Supreme bags for around the same price and in my opinion, there is only one clear winner.


(Similar Judith Leiber clutch pictured from https://www.judithleiber.com/products/black-jaguar-minaudiere)